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Have you ever read about a destination online and felt you want to ask to someone for the specific details? We are truly dedicated to make you live the real Colombia experience since the moment you are planning your trip. Go to an online travel meeting, get to know Colombia and ask to a local any question that comes to your mind.

An online travel meeting is a way to connect you with a local Colombia agent while he is talking about the country. Feel free to ask anything you want and get all the tips you need to know to make of your trip to Colombia an amaizing experience.

Colombia Magical Realism

THR, one of the most recognized tourism consultants in the world, carried out a study of what Colombia has to offer based on visitors' experience. Colombia has an "unforgettable" rating for the incredible diversity of its geography and culture.

We do think colombian people is also “unforgettable”, and we want you to get to see that since the moment you start thinking about traveling to Colombia.

If you want to visit Colombia we recommend you at least 9 days you will be able to see Bogotá, colombia’s capital, with the historic downtown, Botero’s  museum and the magnificent underground salt mine that has a cathedral inside. The coffee plantation’s grounds and colombia’s national tree “La Palma de Cera” (Wax Palm) at the coffee region, and last but not least ¡Cartagena! a guided tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site the walled city with galleries, boutiques, restaurants and the charming Caribbean.


Colombia’s location allows the country to have different types of landscapes and weathers, you can go from Bogota temperature between 7 and 19ºC to the Tatacoa’s Dessert temperature between 22 and 35 ºC, only taking a one hour flight!  So, if you have more time to visit

Take a look at the different experiences

 you can live.

It’s all about what you like

Each experience is designed for you to be able to add a few days to the basic tour, to do what you like and at the same time get to know more about the customs, food and the Colombian culture.

More Coffee Experience

This is more than a coffee plantation tour, definitely the best experience for a coffee lover. Be part of the daily activities in a traditional coffee farm during three days, learn about the coffee process next to someone who does this everyday and get to enjoy all the process behind a cup of coffee. You will be able to take the coffee grain from the plant, cleaned it, take it out for drying process, learn how to select the best grains and toast it.

Jungle Experience

If you enjoy to walk in the middle of big trees, sleep on the middle of the forest and be close to the animals, the amazon region is for you, get to know the famous amazon river Pink Dolphin and the “Victoria Regia” plant the largest water lilies, a floating leave from 4 to 6 foot diameter. 


Or stay on an ecolodge sorrounded by palm trees in the pacific coast at Chocó region, where you can hike through streams and jungle paths, or from the beach to the river, and go whale watching.

Trek and Mountain Experience

Discover the “Ciudad Perdida” (Lost City) in a 4 days trekking route going trougth the kogi’s land, a magic place full of the energy these comunity creates with their customs and beliefs. After the jungle, the rivers and the mountains get to be one of the few fortunates who make it to the capital of the Tayronas.

Desert Experience

Part of the colombian diversity is the fact there are two deserts, you migth thing is the same, but actually “Tatacoa” and “La Guajira” are very far from being the same, in the first one you will have the opportunity to see the red and the grey part of the desert,  and sleep in an ecological luxury hotel that you can easily compare to an oasis, while the second one is an important indigenous capital where the “wayuu” people will share with you their ritual, costums and traditional dance, but get ready for one the most amaizing views, when you get to the end of the desert and see the hills of sand melting on the caribbean

Beach Experience

The caribbean, filled with beautiful islands to rest on the beach, have a great cocktail and take the sun, but San Andres is the colombian paradise, with the seven shades of the ocean, the water geyser and swimmning with the stingreys.

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